A Look Back: Our Best Healthy Eating Blog Posts of 2015

A Look Back: Our Best Healthy Eating Blog Posts of 2015

Natural Tasty ChefWhoa, what a busy and interesting second half of the year. Now at year’s end, it’s a good time to look back and remember some things that friends and followers found important, and view the picture as a whole. Around June, Natural Tasty Chef took action to become more active with our blog, to try to make it consistent, relevant, interesting, and most of all valuable for those who read it. A simple definition of blogging is “the act of creating short-form content,” but it seems so much more when you’re in a business like ours that focuses on healthy eating and basically living healthy lifestyles all the way around.

We think we made a good decision back in June, and are proud of the package of blog posts that we believe people can continue to use into the months ahead (it’s not too early to start getting in shape for summer!). As we look back at the most popular posts, or ones we are rather proud of, questions surface. Did we offer a broad selection of articles, with topics to attract and elicit engagement with most who visit our website? Did our readers try any recipes or suggestions? If so, we sure would like to hear about their experience.

Probably most important: did we help people, whether it means to feel better about themselves, to get healthier, or even to start a new path in life. Helping people, after all, is a primary thrust of Natural Tasty Chef. We hope you enjoyed the posts the past half-year, and that you stay with us as we move forward into 2016 and beyond!

Best Natural Tasty Chef Blog Posts of 2015

Sept. 3: “Trying Vegan: One Reporter’s Experience, and Further Tips.” This post, looking back at a news reporter’s experience trying a vegan diet for one month, surprised us with its readership numbers and even popularity when posted on Facebook. Take a look at what others wanted to read.

cacao butterSept. 24: “Cacao Butter Coffee – Going Pure Chocolate with Your Brew.” We loved writing this because we used real photos of the yummy type of chocolate. Kind of makes us thirsty just looking again …

Oct. 1: “World Vegetarian Day – Start of Special Times for Our Meat-Free Friends.” Our most popular blog post ever, according to the review numbers. Even on Facebook it got crazy: 377 views, eight clicks, 13 Likes.

Oct. 17: “Top Reasons to Try Vegetarian – Honoring Vegetarian Awareness Month.” Another shot at spotlighting an awareness date, and again people liked it. Maybe some even tried it.

Aug. 18: “Green Juice with Turmeric: A Barrage of Benefits with the Right Ingredients.” Selected because we love the huge photo at the top. Another one to make us thirsty … and feel better that we were able to share it with so many people!

Overall we were very happy with the responses from readers, and interest and sharing on our social media channels. Before boosting the blog, we focused for quite some time to ensure our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts were lively, timely and active – and we hope you noticed! It sure was fun working on it all.

Have a wonderful, happy and very healthy New Year, everyone!

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