About Alison

More mixingHi!  I’m Alison, your Natural Tasty Chef!!

As a graduate of The Natural Epicurean, a plant-based culinary school in Austin, Texas, I learned both the theories and techniques of Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda and Raw cuisine.  In addition to my culinary background, I’m also a trained and certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, a Medical QiGong Practice Leader and have traveled extensively throughout Bali and India deepening my understanding and appreciation for holistic health and plant-based cooking.

Not long after moving to Los Angeles, back in 2003, I stumbled upon my very first Macrobiotic book called Zen Macrobiotics.  This book spoke to a deep knowing within me; a knowing that YOU are at the source of your health and can control it through diet and lifestyle.  While studying and adopting the principals and techniques of Macrobiotic theory and cooking, I experienced the benefits in my own life, and also in the lives around me.  In addition to my education at culinary school, I have attended and volunteered at several macrobiotic cooking classes and lectures with teachers such as David Briscoe and Warren Kramer and on the well known macrobiotic cruise Holistic Holiday at Sea.

Early in my culinary career I was fortunate enough to begin cooking for Naturopath Ann Boroch, Candida healing and Multiple Schlerosis specialist.  While working with Ann, I honed in my skills and expertise in cooking for auto-immune diseases such as M.S. and Candida and have helped many people over the years with on candida cleanses using Ann’s protocol.  Ann and I ultimately became close friends and eventually I created almost all the recipes for her beautiful and incredibly informative cookbook The Candida Cure Cookbook.

Food fuels the body, and using top quality ingredients in a conscious way it is possible to eat delicious food and still look and feel your best.  My cooking style is simple, clean, fresh and delicious.  It’s generally free of:

Corn &
Refined sugar

For more than 6 years I’ve been working with clients all over Los Angeles, helping them achieve and maintain health and wellness.  I didn’t choose this path, this path chose me. It’s truly what I was born to do.  I’d love to help YOU reach your health and wellness goals while eating delicious and nutritious food along the way!

With Rex


When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need. “
– Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb