Green Juice with Turmeric: A Barrage of Benefits with the Right Ingredients

Green Juice

So many of us are “juicers.” No, not in the sports sense, referring to performance-enhancing substances. We mean “juicing” for your health and enjoyment! Using a juicing machine to blend fresh and organic ingredients into tasty, refreshing and ultra-healthy drinks is a wonderful diet habit to get into. A great number of us who focus on the healthy benefits of meals or snacks tap wonderfully concocted juices for energy and minerals, and sometimes for comfort from bodily ailments.

This week’s focus is on green juice, a wonderful way to get a powerful surge of vitamins and minerals. Of the many choices for ingredients, I suggest to make sure to add fresh turmeric, a terrific antioxidant also high in many vitamins and minerals. Turmeric also is used in some countries, such as India, to remedy stomach and liver ailments. Additionally for this green juice recipe, fresh organic ginger is known to stimulate circulation and works as an anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce pain in the body.

Fresh turmeric is a terrific antioxidant, high in vitamins and minerals and a strong addition to any green juice.

Since juicing involves such a concentrated amount of produce, it is best to use organic ingredients. This way you can through the whole fruit or veggie in the juicer, skin and all. If, however, you are unable to use organic, no need to worry. Wash your produce with distilled white vinegar (which is a good habit to get into whether conventional or organic) and as a double precaution, remove the skin or rind!

Quick Tip: I noticed that drinking hearty green juices on an empty stomach first thing in the morning can make me jittery. So I enjoy them as an afternoon snack.But experiment for yourself; I know many people who start each day with a green juice and love it. Establish your own preference for how to enjoy a green juice, but do just that: enjoy them. You most likely will feel the difference, in a good way, and you might notice other benefits (such as reduced joint pain thanks to the ginger).

Green Juice with Turmeric

1 bunch organic leafy greens, such as collards, kale, spinach
1/2 bunch organic cilantro
1 organic cucumber
1 organic lime, skin and all
1 organic green apple, skin and all
1-inch piece fresh organic ginger
1/2 inch piece fresh organic turmeric
5 – 10 sprigs fresh organic mint, optional

Place it all into the juicer. If for some reason you could not find organic produce, just be sure to remove the skin. Otherwise, throw the whole thing in!

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