How to Make a Flax-Egg or Chia-Egg

flaxseed and flaxmeal

How To Make A Flax-“Egg” OR Chia-“Egg”

Adapting recipes that call for eggs into a vegan or egg-free recipe is easier than you think by using a flax or chia “Egg”!

Here’s how:

Makes equivilant to 1 Egg

1 heaping Tablespoon flaxmeal or chia seeds*

3 Tablespoons room temperature filtered water

Combine the two and let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes.  This allows the mixture to gel, creating a texture similar to a beaten egg.  Repeat for each additional egg.

Obviously this won’t work for every recipe, but for most it is a great substitution.  Experiment for yourself, and i hope that you are pleasantly surprised!

*Flaxseeds work better when they are ground into a meal “Flaxmeal” but i find that chia seeds gel up so much that they don’t need to be ground.

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